Choosing Concrete Coatings to Meet Various Exposure Requirements

Instead of replacing and patching concrete that has been damaged by exposure to the elements, choose a coating that will protect and increase the longevity of the concrete. Elements such as traffic volume, climate, and other various forms of exposure make concrete chip, break, and become weakened. Here are some reasons to choose concrete coatings that fit your exposure requirements.

Exposure to Water - Concrete absorbs moisture on the ground and in the air according to the relative humidity (RH) of the climate. Novolac epoxy or reactive acrylic would be a good choice to avoid any excess water absorption. Concrete naturally has moisture, but too much can lead to damage.

Exposure to Heat - Furan resin coatings are effective in warmer environments.

Exposure to Cold - More rigid coatings, like epoxies and vinyl esters, are more resistant to abrasive wear, such as from snow and ice.

Exposure to Chemicals - Cross-linking density and other factors are used to determine chemical resistance. Acid rain, industrial chemicals, and chemicals already present in the concrete are also factored in. In this case, novolac epoxies and bisphenol epoxy resins are more chemically resistant than other coatings. Chemical resistance declines as elongation and flexibility increase.

Exposure to Elements - Outdoor concrete coatings must also be resistant to UV (ultraviolet) light. Epoxies are not a good choice for exterior concrete, as UV light breaks them down. Instead, choose a polyurethane, polysiloxane, or acrylic coating formulation.

It is important to consider all factors of exposure when choosing the correct coating. Concrete Coatings Unlimited can help evaluate each situation and provide the best coating. Abrasion, erosion, high and/or low temperatures, and physical wear are all factors to consider. A concrete coating will protect the concrete and lead it to a longer life under whatever conditions are present. Choosing the wrong coating can lead to stress cracks, loss of adhesion, and other defects, so it is important to work with the professionals at Concrete Coatings Unlimited.