An Epoxy Garage Floor for Beauty and Durability

If you’re thinking of refinishing your garage floor, why not consider epoxy? Garage floors need to be durable and stain-resistant, and epoxy floors deliver. They can also be very pleasing aesthetically.

Even if your garage floor is cracked, pitted, or stained with motor oil, it can be easily and effectively restored by a contractor who deals in resinous coatings. This isn’t a DIY project – there are kits out there that will purport to give you professional quality epoxy garage floors, but the reality is that the DIY variety isn’t much more than paint. Professionally installed epoxy floors don’t just consist of a coating that sits on the surface. The genuine article actually bonds with the existing concrete for a tough, beautiful surface that might even outlast the rest of the garage!

The condition of the original floor doesn’t matter. The process of installing an epoxy floor begins with a thorough cleaning, in which the contractor employs special compounds and industrial grinding equipment to eradicate every last trace of dirt while also evening out the surface of the original concrete. You’d never be able to do this type of surface preparation yourself, and this is yet another reason why a DIY epoxy flooring kit won’t give you lasting results.

Once the original floor has been restored, the installation process begins with the application of the epoxy coating. You can choose from a virtual rainbow of colors, and even mix in chips that will give a flecked appearance if you like. Another benefit of epoxy garage floors is that you can add aggregate that will result in a slip-resistant coating. Once the epoxy is applied, you’ll have to let it dry for a few days, so you won’t be using your garage right away. It will be well worth the wait, though. In less than a week, you’ll have the garage floor of your dreams – stain resistant, durable, remarkably easy to clean, and made to last.

Now you’re going to have to decide what to do with your garage. You could use it to park your car, of course. But with your stunning new floor, maybe you’d rather use it for that man-cave you’ve always wanted!

Here’s another thought – there’s no reason why you have to stop with the garage. Any high-traffic area has potential. You might want to think about installing a low-maintenance floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or rec room, and you can’t go wrong with epoxy!