A Look at Options for Concrete Coatings in Minneapolis

Homes and businesses across Minneapolis, in addition to the rest of the country, are turning to concrete as a beautiful, durable and cost-effective material for flooring. If you like the style of concrete, as well as the other benefits that come with it, you may be interested to know all about concrete coatings.

Minneapolis retail, municipal and residential areas often include concrete in outdoor areas, but also in garage floors, kitchens and restrooms too. Here are some examples of common and useful concrete coatings in Minneapolis.

Polished Overlays for Retail Floors: The next time you walk around a shopping mall, in a store, or office space, take a close look at the floor. More and more of these areas are including polished overlay concrete coatings. The reason is, a polished overlay looks great and provides excellent function.

A business can create a custom design, such as geometric patterns or even corporate logos in a wide range of colors, while still maintaining an easy to clean surface with no seams. For areas that receive a large amount of foot traffic, this is particularly useful.

Epoxy Garage Floors: In addition to general retail settings or offices, you will find epoxy concrete coatings on Minneapolis garage floors, including automobile showrooms. The most important reason to choose an epoxy concrete coating is the ability it has to keep an area clean. When dealing with possible oil leaks and tire marks, this is a vital concern. For those reasons, epoxy coatings are also growing in popularity for home use.

On a side note, concrete coatings offer Minneapolis business and homeowners an opportunity to save time and money by installing an overlay on top of an area that already has concrete. For garages that have minor creaks or chips, or have been exposed to staining, this is a far more convenient option than completely replacing a concrete substrate.

Outdoor Concrete Overlays: Of course, concrete is very common in outdoor areas, and high quality concrete coatings in Minneapolis make perfect sense because of the climate. Concrete is commonly seen as a very durable surface, but it can be damaged as a result of harsh winters and very hot summers – both of which Minneapolis residents know all too well.

There are many more options for concrete coatings in Minneapolis. To learn more about what may work for you, contact a trusted professional.